Master Marcin

Marcin: line operator
Marcin is one of the masters who moved with us to our new premises in 2012. ‘I’ve been working at Mola for 10 years now. That’s a long time, but it also gives you an idea of how much Mola appreciates its loyal personnel. Back then, I arrived here as a temporary worker from Poland and then got the chance to work my way up in Mola.’

The transition to the new factory meant that Marcin learned a lot. ‘At the former location on Voordstraat, we had only one production line. When we moved to our new facility on Vuursteenstraat, another line was added immediately. Now, the third line is in operation — I’m actually pretty proud of that.

Marcin has seen a substantial rise in the size of Mola’s workforce over the years. ‘I think around 50 colleagues have been added since I started working for Mola. They’ve come not only from the Netherlands but also other countries like Germany and Poland: quite a diverse group. All with the right drive and passion for their work. That’s another thing that makes working at Mola so fascinating.’

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