Mola’s products

The masters at Mola work 24 hours a day, Monday through Friday, to provide hundreds of retailers with in-store bakeries with a very wide range of bakery products. Once upon a time, apple turnovers were what made Mola big, but our masters produce a lot more than that these days.

Get to know our three product groups:

Only the best will do

The dough and fillings for our bakery products are made according to traditional recipes with premium and, where possible, regional ingredients that are assembled on our automated production lines.

Traditional, just speeded up

Our modern production lines prepare the final product quickly but still with a master’s touch, then freeze it and package it according to our customer’s specifications. Mola’s high-tech production and packaging lines, flexible procedures and years of experience result in the preparation of large volumes and quick deliveries from stock.

Which product would you rather have?

Perhaps a new shape, an exotic filling or another variation? Mola’s three ultra-modern production lines enable the endless production of endless new ideas for pastries. Unbelievable? Our masters and partners will take on absolutely any challenge.

Contact us at Mola and ask about what we can do.

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