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Apple turnovers

A real Dutch treat. For years and years, they’ve been a favourite treat at celebrations, parties and special occasions. In the Dutch province of Brabant – known for its love of the good life – the apple turnover was the start of something great. It was in the town of Beugen — right next to the German border — that Mr Meulensteen, as the local baker, felt an urge to make people happy by creating something new.
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From adventure to success

By working hard, using only the best ingredients and following traditional recipes, Mr Meulensteen’s adventure became a success. It spread throughout the region and then far beyond.

That was in the early 70s. A lot has changed since then. A whole lot of things. But some things have stayed the same. One of them is Mola’s drive for developing wonderful new products while always keeping that sense of tradition alive, remembering the importance of tried and true recipes, and using only the best ingredients. A look behind the scene

A modern family business

By this time, the company’s product range has expanded and the baker’s cap has been passed down to sons Geert and Vic Meulensteen. Step by step, they have made the company what it is today: a modern producer of traditional unbaked bakery products.

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So much choice

By now, the apple turnover has also been joined by dozens of other sweet and savoury bakery products. Cherry pastries, croissants, vanilla pastries, sausage and Dutch ‘frikadel’ rolls — just to name a few. Everything is prepared using fresh ingredients according to traditional recipes and then flash frozen, ready for baking in-store bakeries and warming the hearts of consumers. Take a look at our products

Partners help each other get ahead

As a partner, Mola has a sweet or savoury snack for every occasion. We’ve proven our ability to produce them with the use of advanced automation, flexible production procedures, highly motivated employees, and a wealth of product knowledge. But a factor in our success is our partners who provide flawless insights into market demand.
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Together, we’re still applying the passion we’ve had since the 70s to what we do today: we keep on developing and improving the world of frozen bakery products with our delicious, traditional pastries that today’s consumers appreciate.

Mola. Masters with a passion.

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