Puff-pastry products

Mola produces unbaked, frozen puff-pastry products. Included in Mola’s standard assortment are savoury and sweet snacks. The masters at Mola can also produce puff-pastry products to suit your own requirements and specifications.

Our most popular puff-pastry products

Savoury puff-pastry products

– Sausage rolls
– Dutch ‘frikadel’ rolls
– Ham & cheese rolls
– Cheese rolls

Sweet puff-pastry products

– Apple turnovers
– Cherry pastries
– Apricot pastries
– Vanilla pastries
– Almond pastries

Which puff-pastry product would you rather have?

Another shape, filling or variation? Mola’s three ultra-modern production lines enable the endless production of endless new ideas for pastries. Unbelievable? Our masters and partners will take on absolutely any challenge.

Contact us and ask about what we can do.

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