Mola’s partnerships

Mola works in close collaboration with various sales partners. Our partner for the Dutch market is Banketbakkerij Wouter de Graaf. For the German-speaking market, Mola works with Bakerman®.

Working together to reduce costs

The successful collaboration among Mola, Banketbakkerij Wouter de Graaf and Bakerman® is reducing costs and creating synergy in the areas of:

  • Procurement and sales
  • Product development
  • Quality control
  • Marketing

About Banketbakkerij Wouter de Graaf

Banketbakkerij Wouter de Graaf is a modern and innovative in-store bakery specialist that operates according to traditional baking concepts. In addition to producing and marketing its own products, Banketbakkerij Wouter de Graaf also sells on Mola’s bakery products to Dutch consumers.

About Bakerman®

As a successful sales partner with a team of specialists, Bakerman® has many years of experience in the frozen bakery products sector. Bakerman® sells Mola’s products throughout Germany, Austria and Switzerland via a reliable and reputable distribution network.

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