Mola’s company profile

Mola produces unbaked, frozen bakery products for bakeries and retailers with in-store bakeries. Although Mola’s production processes could certainly no longer be called traditional, the original taste of pure craftsmanship can still be found in every apple turnover, Dutch ‘frikadel’ roll or croissant we prepare.

Delivery reliability

Alongside product quality, delivery reliability is another of Mola’s strong points. The extensive automation of our production process allows Mola to produce quickly, flexibly and in large volumes. So it should come as no surprise that Mola’s bakery products can be delivered fresh daily to hundreds of bakeries and retailers with in-store bakeries throughout the Netherlands and Germany.

Mola’s people and planet

Since 2012, Mola has been operating from a new factory. This well-structured, transparent and functional facility not only expresses the production quality but also the values of our organisation. The design and construction took place with the environment in mind:

  • Smart: Mola recovers heat from its cooling installation
  • Economical: Virtually the entire factory has been equipped with LED
  • Cost-effective: Self-closing doors to the cooling and freezing areas
  • Future-proof: In 2017, we’re adding 4,000 m² according to the latest standards

Pleasant working conditions

Mola believes in the strength and added value of its employees and giving them a safe and pleasant working environment: our modern facility also contributes to this.

Social involvement

Mola also makes various contributions to society. For example, Mola sponsors various local associations and is an ambassador for the Friends of the Maasziekenhuis. This non-profit organisation is dedicated to making a stay in this regional hospital more comfortable and pleasant.

Quality first and foremost

The environmentally conscious, modern design of the factory allows Mola to operate in an eco-friendly way, without adversely affecting the efficiency of the process or the interests of the client. At Mola, quality takes centre stage and is guaranteed by our certified food safety system and continuous quality control.

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