The Mola flow

Get into the Mola Flow!

Becoming a master doesn’t happen overnight. We want to get all of our employees into the right Mola Flow: an in-house training programme where you’ll learn all the finer points of the job. So what’s it all about? It’s an in-house training programme to acquaint you with our procedures, processes and production lines. You’ll learn so much that within a very short time, you, too, can call yourself ‘a master with passion’.

What your colleagues have to say

What’s it really like to work in an ultra-modern factory? To be part of a highly efficient production process? To work together with dozens of colleagues? That’s something you have to experience for yourself.

Ettienne’s story                 Rene’s story           Marcin’s story

The ingredients that make up our company

We’re team players
Commitments and promises are made to be kept. And, like real team players, we’d even like to go the extra mile.

We’re family
When you work for Mola, you’re part of the group. We’re like family to each other. Reliability, loyalty and respect are important to us.

We’re modern
Innovation has been part of our DNA for 40 years. We like to try things out. Things like new recipes, bakery products or production methods.

We’re flexible
We can deal with it. It’s no wonder that our organisation is flat, its lines of communication are short, and everyone on the team is aware of each other.

We’re passionate about what we do.
Deep down, we’re still just as determined as yesterday’s traditional baker. The baker’s tradition also lives on in our recipes and ingredients.

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