Danish Pastries

Originating in Vienna, later adopted by the Danes, Mola has now given these world-famous Danish pastries a Dutch touch. In a controlled, air-conditioned environment, the masters at Mola produce a varied range of these luxurious risen pastries.

Honest ingredients for honest pastries
The pre-risen dough, the sweet filling or savoury ingredients: we prefer to work with honest, natural ingredients — without the need for any additives. And consumers can taste the difference.

A list of Mola’s Danish pastries

  • Dutch ‘frikadel’ rolls
  • Tomato-Mozzarella snack
  • Hotdog deluxe

Which Danish pastry would you rather have?

Another shape, filling or variation? Mola’s three ultra-modern production lines enable the endless production of endless new ideas for pastries. Unbelievable? Our masters and partners will take on absolutely any challenge.eg.

Contact us and ask about what we can do.

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