Mola’s croissants

Mola’s pre-risen, unbaked croissants are flash frozen to stay fresher than fresh. With honest ingredients, smart production technologies and a dash of passion, Mola has reinvented this old favourite.

From development to production
Creating variations in fillings and shapes: these are the real challenges for us. Our forte is our ability to develop, test and produce new kinds of croissants quickly. This is perfect for bakeries and retailers with in-store bakeries who want to delight their customers with something new now and then.

Here are just some of our croissants

  • Flaky butter croissants
  • Nut nougat croissants
  • Chocolate croissants
  • Crème-brûlée-croissants
  • Ham & cheese croissants

Which kind of croissant would you rather have?

Another shape or variation? Mola’s three ultra-modern production lines enable the endless production of endless new ideas for croissants. Believe us: our masters and partners will take on absolutely any challenge.

Contact us and ask about what we can do.

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