Master Ettienne

Ettienne: operator / substitute shift leader
Ettienne has been working at Mola for four years. Even today, he’s still just as passionate and enthusiastic about his job. ‘I started working for Mola as an on-call worker in the production department. Then, I worked two fixed days in the week but I soon let it be known that I wanted to work more hours. And this was possible, so I was put on a permanent shift.’

All production workers hired at Mola starts by having us teach them everything they have to know to work in their department. ‘We rotate the activities we do on the line. This way, you learn how to prepare dough and then what’s involved with the various kinds of fillings. By the end of your training, you’re acquainted with the entire production line.’

Finally, a position on the packaging line opened up. ‘A nice challenge to learn something new again, so I became a packaging line operator. I did that for two years until we went from three to five shifts and I was asked to serve not only as an operator but also a substitute shift leader. Who would say no to that?’

Shift work doesn’t bother Ettienne at all. ‘In fact, the nice thing about shifts is that you have more options for scheduling your free time. I recently bought a house in Boxmeer that I’m spending a lot of time fixing up without even having to take a day off. How perfect is that?’

Ettienne has plenty of opportunities for self-development. ‘By demonstrating what I can do, I want to work my way up to being a full-fledged shift leader. Now that this is a possibility, I’m not letting go of this chance. I’m really advancing in my position now: I’m growing and I’m also working for a rapidly growing company.’

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