Master Rene

Rene: shift leader
Rene has been working several years now in the bakery sector. ‘I started working in a small bakery 25 years ago. From being a baker’s assistant, I finally became a shift leader. I’ve been in this position at Mola since January 2017.’

Rene is obviously pleased with this recent step in his career. ‘Mola is really future-oriented. That means both lots of opportunities and lots of changes. We just started working in project groups intended to increase the efficiency of the production line. By doing this, Mola is demonstrating its faith in the expertise and experience acquired on the workplace.’

As a shift leader, Rene has to depend on his colleagues. ‘I’m surrounded by hard workers who know what they’re doing. Since I haven’t been at Mola long enough to be completely experienced with the procedures and machinery here, it’s reassuring have them around.’

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